Roleplay: Visit to the Opticians #5 (ASMR)

Posted on 17. Feb, 2012 by Prescription Frames in Opticians

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15 Responses to “Roleplay: Visit to the Opticians #5 (ASMR)”

  1. CloiuFace

    17. Feb, 2012

    I had an assistant in English class a while bag who was doing it for a university course, and you sound so similar! ._.

  2. chrisbrown18andup

    17. Feb, 2012

    @barbielion and opthomologists do surgery on eyes! We’ve all learned something

  3. RSLoreh

    17. Feb, 2012

    Loved it! When you said you were coming close to look at my eye, I couldn’t help but nudge my head to try and touch you, ahaha. :’)

  4. jazztasticness

    17. Feb, 2012

    scared me to death when you were a man! jesus…
    nice to hear Opticians rather than whatever the americans call it.

  5. supervixen404

    17. Feb, 2012

    Guys just don’t give me the relaxing feeling like women do. Don’t know why, they just don’t.

  6. SensusSonus

    17. Feb, 2012

    @TheJbrFan Thanks, it just comes out naturally.

  7. TheJbrFan

    17. Feb, 2012

    Your accent -3

  8. lilacwine1984

    17. Feb, 2012

    @barbielion That depends on your country. Here, optometrists don’t exist, as such. Opticians do the eye exams.

  9. accridian

    17. Feb, 2012

    My last name is Jaynes! Threw me there at the beginning.

  10. Blurtex33

    17. Feb, 2012

    @barbielion nio yr wribe

  11. barbielion

    17. Feb, 2012

    Opticians don’t do eye exams. That would be an optometrist.

  12. ScotjeRPAS

    17. Feb, 2012

    @SensusSonus Haha, I really doubt that you are. Except if you live in Holland?

  13. SensusSonus

    17. Feb, 2012

    @ScotjeRPAS Haha – No I’m not an optician but maybe I’m your English teacher?!

  14. ScotjeRPAS

    17. Feb, 2012

    You sound alot like my English teacher! Also optician is your profession?

  15. WhisperHub

    17. Feb, 2012

    Wow, you sounded just like my optician! Great stuff and thanks for sending it to the website :-) x

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